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Battle of the Bell Mural

An Annual Kiwanian Event Since 1968



This web page is intended to show the progress of the Battle of the Bell Mural, which will be completed in October 2007 on the 29 Palms High School MPR building. The web page will also remain as a reminder after this event. The is a joint project between Kiwanis of 29 Palms and Action Council for 29 Palms Inc; which are also cooperating with the 29 Palms High School Alumni Association, the 29 Palms High School Administration, the Morongo Unified School District, the 29 Palms Alumni, the Twentynine Palms Chamber of Commerce and the Morongo Basin Historical Society. This project is coming together because of the valued efforts of the broader 29 Palms community and its supporters throughout the world. 
We are also seeking additional contributors to this project. Please send us an email and we will gladly include you and or your organization. Thank You!



Every year, Twentynine Palms High School and Yucca Valley School Football teams meet to determine which team will possess the Kiwanis Bell at a formal presentation, which is presented to the current Kiwanis president, to be given to the school.


The Bell was originally given to John List, a Yucca Valley resident and Kiwanis member, by Val Jones. Businessman Jones and his wife taught school in the old Pioneertown school and acquired the vessel bell in their travels. They felt that the Kiwanis Club, which has a long-time interest in education, might find it useful. It was then that the Bell, appropriately engraved, became a permanent trophy, to be shared by the two schools.

The Kiwanis president at that time was Charlie Bamer, who at the first game October 10,1969 passed on the trophy to the winning team. In the interest of wholesome rivalry and good sportsmanship, the Kiwanis Clubs hopes everyone enjoys this traditional event.

In the News

Master artist Art Mortimer recently completed the maquette for Octobers Battle of the Bell Mural; please see picture above of Art and his beautiful maquette.  


Also of interest, many parents of current football and past football players are requesting specific numbers to match the numbers they used when playing. What a wonderful idea!


Sales have started and keep coming in daily, so please do not wait.  We expect to sell out before the mural is painted.


A draft of the Legend is now available; it is short and simple. 
Since 1968 Twentynine Palms High School and Yucca Valley High School Football teams meet to determine which team will possess the Kiwanis Bell until the next yearly game. The Kiwanis Bell was intended to promote wholesome rivalry and good sportsmanship between these two schools. 
Dana Bowden, the owner of Bowden Frame Shop, has graciously agreed to paint the Legend on the Battle of the Bell Mural. Thank You Dana!!!

Battle of the Bell Trivia Question

What team won the last two Battle of the Bell games?

29 Palms High School Football 2006 Movie Highlight


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